Wright Wool Exporters

Wright Wool believe part of our future for strong wool is in creating direct contracts for high-end products. Wright Wool is endeavoring to be a part of this transition and has been working on opportunities that suit our client’s wool types. We are very excited by the projects we have already begun and will be continually working on new and innovative ways for direct marketing.

The Natural Wool Company

USA Supply Contract

Wright Wool has secured the supply contract to The Natural Wool Company, Georgia, USA. The Natural Wool Company is marketing high-end 100% Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand wool-filled pillows.

View the website here: thenaturalwoolcompany.com

We hold the special requirements to make up the correct parcels to meet The Natural Wool Company specifications. The natural Wool Company is in the early stages of marketing their products but we have high hopes of being able to eventually offer our Wright Wool grower clients a premium for wool that meets specification.