You may already be aware that the National Council of Wool Interests (INC) have recently been working towards membership for the whole of the NZ wool industry to be a part of the NZFAP. This has successfully been completed and from 1 September 2021 wool that comes from an NZFAP certified farm can be promoted and sold as NZFAP.

Wright Wool is an NZFAP member and approved wool facility.

If you wish your wool to be NZFAP certified for sale you will need to:

  1. Use our new Wright Wool NZFAP wool specification sheets for all future wool movements off your farm.
  2. Ensure that you have complied with the NZFAP standards.
  3. Ensure the wool specification sheet, that accompanies your wool includes your NZ Farm Assurance Code and whether the wool has come from a farm that meets the requirements of the NZFAP.

The new Wright Wool specification sheet that includes spaces for this information can be found here or on our website here…


AsureQuality should have already sent an email to all NZFAP suppliers to advise your NZFAP Code. Please make sure you take note of this code.

“The NZFAP accreditation scheme underpins traceability back to source and accountability for animal welfare, environmental impact, and careful land management. For the NZ wool industry to remain relevant and desirable in the eyes of increasingly welfare-conscious consumers, joining this scheme is a must. “

Tom O’Sullivan, Chair, Campaign For Wool NZ Trust