To provide a service to its Customers that ensures the Customers requirements are met 100% of the time.

This involves the processing of greasy wool into a parcel of scoured wool that complies with all the Customers LC and technical requirements.

To assemble parcels of wool as instructed by the customer/owner of the parcel/scourment.

A scourment is usually made up of several lots of wool of different types in order to achieve the specification the customer requires.
The scour has to blend and open the assembled wools in such a manner so as to achieve an evenly blended final product.

This is achieved by creating a blend sequence of all lots in the scourments. Each sequence depending on its wool type is then allocated a method of opening. Each sequence is then opened and blended in its correct proportions to ensure an even blend.

Then the actual “scouring” process takes place which involves washing drying and repacking the wool.

Before the wool can be shipped both the customer and the scour must ensure all quality and test parameters have been met as any variance could result in claims or non payment.

The customer base is varied from the very small to the largest and most efficient. Some have computerised systems and some do not. The scour has to cater for all needs as well as being able to respond quickly to urgent orders and always ensuring shipping deadlines are met.

With a 24 x 7 operation ( employing approximately 50 people ) managing human resources and ensuring business compliance in all areas is a critical task that requires a well structured and well equipped management team.